Design Concept

During design process we meet with our client to understand their overall vision of the space and how they see different parts functioning. Then we head to the drawing table sketch out spacially how the space will best layout and arrive at overall ideas that really capture our clients vision. Prepare and present images, preliminary architecture materials, fabrics and preliminary furniture direction.

Design Development

The next step is taking the overall concept we developed and turn it into more details, millwork, custom furniture piece and selecting and finalizing architectural materials, fabrics and finishes. We also may re-work any additional spaces planning needed and adjust the floor plans and prepare a drawing set that includes elevations and necessary details. During this stage we may recommend some 3D Renderings to be produced so our clients can get full sense of their space.

Construction Management

We develop drawings, direct, coordinate, and work with the contractors to guarantee the job is done right. Additionally, we will direct all design and construction processes, including the selection, hiring, and oversight of specialty trade contractors, such as carpentry, plumbing, or electrical.

Bidding Process

Choosing the most competent contractor for any job can be confusing. We manage and collect the bids from the different trades to ensure the best possible price is found for your job. Presenting the client with these offerings to ensure their budget is met is how we will start the process together.

Managing and Hiring of Contractors and Subcontractors

Our studio has a long list of reliable and hard-working contractors and subcontractors whom we will recommend to our clients. We will assist the client in selecting the right people with the required resources to meet the needs of the job.