“We are NOT just another full service boutique interior design that creates brand stories and narratives by combining latest trends, lifestyle with technology and sustainable practices” We like to break boundaries and reimagine the way we look at spaces and look at the Well Being of humans first and foremost.”

interior Design:

We find new ways to enrich how people live, work and succeed in business. By fusing architecture and design with business and brand, we translate insights into practical plans that give greater shape, meaning and context to clients vision.

We use our knowledge of human nature and psychology to create a space that promotes well-being. We bring to life cutting edge interiors. We examine the boundaries between art, design through architecture, furniture, objects art installations and cohesive brand development. Our design are functional and creative fused with innovation, handcrafted modern luxury interiors with mixture of hand selected furniture and custom FF&E.


design supervision:

We supervise the a construction process to maintain quality and ensure proper execution of design and provide specialized solution for innovative mixed use, hospitality, food and beverage spaces, corporate projects and Luxury Homes and Bespoke  Hotels.


other services:

You have one area of your residence or hotel that needs a refurb ? We offer both in-person or remote consulting design services and can provide space planning – selection of furniture and/or stylizing.  Procurement – for bespoke projects we offer organizing quotes from suppliers, millworkers and organizing deliverables.


We lead with purpose and design holistically to create meaningful experiences by embracing context to excite the senses. We collaborate with clients and partners to explore what is possible in design & architecture.

We listen to your needs and offer professional guidance to create distinctive high-end projects and spatial experience that are unique and reflect you and/or your brand that sets you apart from just the physical experience. We look at technology along -side branding that incorporates sonic identity to enhance your brand food print – coupled with brand strategy and positioning of your brand into the market you are targeting.


styling / os&e:

We like to be involved to the very last detail so we offer styling and art selection to design direction for OS&E for hotel rooms to table top design and uniforms to insure all the details fit your new interiors and branding.

Why we are different:

“Well Being and Humans First” – we want to reimagine how we create places where we reside and play with well-being of humans in mind first and foremost.

have an upcoming project? We’d love to collaborate with you!