Sarah A. Abdallah Founder of Functional Creative Design - Photographed by Ball & Albanese in Edition N.Y.

Sarah A. Abdallah Founder of Functional Creative Design - Photographed by Ball & Albanese in Edition N.Y.

About our Founder Sarah A. Abdallah

New York Designer and Interior Architect Sarah A. Abdallah has overseen design and execution of some of the most iconic hotels, restaurants, co-working spaces, residences and retail spaces in the world. In her dynamic career she has regularly lent her intuitive eye and project management skills to spaces at some of the most notable hospitality brands in the world: Lincoln Center, The Ritz Carlton, The Intercontinental, The Soho Grand, Edition Clock Tower in NYC, The Park Hyatt and Shangri-la Fort Manila to name a few. In Residential, Commercial, and Mix-Use projects: Neuehouse NY and LA, 15 Hudson Yards Luxury Residential Tower, The Water Line Square, and Battersea Power Station in London to name a few. Abdallah honed her perspective, and careful attention to detail through her selected firm experiences include working with Rockwell Group Architecture, Planning and Design, Toni Chi and Associates, Perkins Eastman, Grand Life Hotels and Glen & Co.

As a dynamic woman of bi-racial and bi-cultural background, she is the founder of a bespoke luxury design firm base out of Flat Iron District of Manhattan in New York City.

Sarah’s ability to connect with people with ease both in social and business environment make her unique. As a globe trotter since birth, she spent her summers in Cairo and traveled the world as a young adult, giving her a global perspective; that provides a unique paradigm into her design approach.

Her true authentic diversity of thought is what drives her understanding of building her business, her personal experience and culture extend into her intentions to build and grow a team of broad interest and background; that truly represents the global community beyond just inclusion.

Passionate about designing spaces that encourage healthy movement and a community mindset, Abdallah integrates the 5 senses, the latest advances in wellbeing technology into hospitality, nightlife and community wellness spaces. Abdallah excels in elevating both form and function, using her multiple degrees in Fine Arts, Psychology and Social Justice, and minor degrees in Gender Studies, Art Therapy, and Art & Technology, to inform her choices.

Known for inspired, elegant, timeless spaces that both calm and stimulate the mind, as the Founder and Creative Director of Functional Creative Design; Sarah A. Abdallah is driving force behind her teams insightful solutions,. for every project, she considers all aspects of the experience, from the point of entry, to community experience and socio-cultural implications Abdallah is LEED certified and dedicated to minimizing environmental impact and using sustainable, ethical materials whenever possible along with creating a true 360 view of sustainability by providing impactful solution through each phase of a project . Sarah views her role as a designer as a holistic advisor and collaborator.

Giving back

Education is big part of our ethos. We offer learning co-ops for students who are in the art and design programs wanting to connect their skill sets they are learning in the classroom into practice.

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